Swimming - A great way to keep fit during the netball off season.

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Netball - We all know that netball is an amazing sport, why stop just because the Winter season is finished?

Striker Indoor Sports and Fitness, Leeming

Striker Indoor Sports and Fitness in Leeming (Formerly known as Leeming Rec) on Farrington Road.  With the outdoor season for netball coming to a close, we thought it was timely to inform you of Striker’s Junior Indoor Netball Competition which will commence on the 3rd week of October 2012. 
Over the last few years, they have trialed running the competition on different days.  This year they are giving teams the nomination option of Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoons.   Final days will be determined based on nomination levels for each day.
A one-off nomination fee of $49 is payable per a team, and then a weekly fee of $49 per a game ($7 per player each week). The nomination fee is carried over to the new term, so there is no requirement to pay another nomination for the new term. 
Their Junior Netball Competition is played on the netted courts - whilst some people find it a bit different, they have found it of benefit to players with the smaller court size, players have to create space. Being able to create your own space on the smaller court, only improves the players game when they return to the open court setting. 
Game times will be 4:00pm, 4:40pm and 5:20pm. 
Everything is provided – you just need to bring your team!  Bibs, balls and most importantly Umpires are all provided for you!
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